Meth obtains the transformers parameters that will be tested at the end of production, such as over-temperature, losses, performance, rigidity, insulation, induced voltage, ecc., using “RALE” calculation programs. During the calculation spacers and cooling channels are properly sized to assure a long and reliable service life.


The entire manufacturing process is carried out internally: preliminary controls, automatic winding for small transformers and winding on machine for flat cable, copper or aluminium strip for bigger transformers, core-assembly and soaking or resin. At the end of production all transformers are tested internally with instruments according to ISO specifications and regularly calibrated in SIT centres.


Meth transformers are 100% tested and test results are stored in Meth database and available on customers request. Meth test equipment allows to carry out all tests required by the standards.
At the moment the equipment is available for the following tests: no-load losses, load losses, harmonic analysis, resistance, rigidity and insulation measurement, induced voltage, inrush current


Meth Quality System, certified since 1998, rules all the processes: customers and suppliers orders management, preliminary controls, manufacturing cycles, final tests, handling of non conformity.
As further confirmation of the constant quality-research over the years, Meth has obtained the following certifications:

• UL-CSA for single-phase transformers up to 10kVA and for three-phase transformers up to 25kVA. Meth is the only manufacturer in Europe with UL-CSA LISTED certification.
• UL-CSA Insulation System class F and B.
• ENEC-KEMA for single-phase transformers up to 2kVA

Certification companies inspections are regularly scheduled, ensuring a constant quality level of the products.


Quality Policy